Welcome! My name is Jess and to me happiness is about knowing what you want in life and going for it with everything you’ve got.

I WANT ALL THE THINGS is a forum for those who seek inspiration across a range of different things. From the everyday things that lift you up, the silly little things that get you excited and the big things you seek out to achieve.

To give you an idea, each week this blog will serve up such fun things as;

  • Week Night-What to Cook? (Low-Carb & Good Fats)
  • Dinner Party Recipes & Plate Up Inspiration (French & Italian)
  • Wine/Champagne Reviews (Quality for the Best Price)
  • Fashion Styling (Unique, Trend-Savvy & Affordable) 
  • Beauty/Makeup Recommendations (Beauty Vlogger Fangirl)
  • Fitness Inspiration (Keeping it Real and Seeing Results)

Essentially, this blog is for those who seek an energy and passion for the things that leave you feeling determined, confident and positive. It’s about being genuine enough to work hard for the things you want, lifting others up along the way and being the truest version of yourself.

So please sign up by dropping your email in the follow me box below and don’t forget to check out my instagram @iwantallthethings.co

Jess x

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tracy Watson says:

    Ive stalked your page and I’m
    obsessed with the content! I am also a major Frankie fan, MAC highlighter fan, and wine fan amongst many of the other topics you touch on – I love it! Sign me up! So lovely meeting you xxx


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