Jeffree, my Shining Star

Back in February of this year, my life changed..……I realize that sounds a TAD bit dramatic but I swear the day my lips first met Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick the makeup world I knew suddenly looked very, very different.

It became abundantly clear there was a new guy in town, whose passion for outstanding lipstick formula was set to revolutionize the matte liquid lip on a global scale!

You see, never before had I encountered such a mousse like, creamy and HIGHLY pigmented punch of liquid lip. Not only did it apply and look like nothing I had seen before, this lipstick velvet from the gods also dried with a perfectly matte finish and an incredibly comfortable feel.

The icing on the cake, it DIDN’T peel, flake and crumble like other matte ‘stay all day’ I had bought (shame on you Stila).

Basically, you can rely on Jeffree to stay and look good all day even after eating and drinking. Not to mention a colour range that covers everything from classics, brights and nudes to fashion-forward statement lips, believe me JS owns the liquid lip trend full stop.

Now the only bad thing about JS liquid lips is they are in such high demand certain colours are sometimes sold out. A handful however are still available direct from the U.S and they arrive within 7 days ($19US) shop here: JeffreeStar

Good news for Aussie girls is a section of his range was recently made available in Australia via Princess Polly, including cult classic Scorpio (90’s grunge purple grey), Androgyny (on-trend rusty red brown) and new limited range for summer Watermelon Soda. The Princess Polly tribe are amazing and ship so quick (pretty much next day) with discount codes a plenty! (sign up to their newsletter and never miss another trend) shop here: PrincessPolly

I have swatched my entire collection below and uploaded any pic I could find of me wearing the colour so you can see how it translates.

My entire range  (left to right)
  1. Virginity (new summer collection, pale lilac)
  2. 714 (new summer collection, pastel peach/coral)
  3. Queen Supreme (super bright pink/purple)
  4. Rose Matter (soft rose nude)
  5. Doll parts (pink/purple based nude)
  6. Watermelon Soda (bright neon watermelon)
  7. Prom Night (bright neon hot/dark pink)
  8. Anna Nicole (bright orange red)
  9. Dominatrix (darkest of chocolate brown)

My favourites in order and why are as follows;

  1. Prom Night (the perfect neon raspberry pink, brightens any girls complexion)
  2. Anna Nicole (vibrant and perfectly matte orange based red, brings out a tan like nothing else – as featured in main pic)
  3. Doll Parts (this is my kind of nude as it has a pink/purple undertone, caramel nudes can wash me out)
  4. Watermelon Soda (perfect summer bright)

Simply hover/click the pic below for the lipstick shade definition!

Thanks for reading guys, I honestly believe every girl (and boy!) needs a little Jeffree in their life!


Love Jess x


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