Classic Hunter Semillon

I grew to love and appreciate Hunter Valley Semillon (pronounced sem-e-on) in my early 20’s working for Hunter Valley vineyard, Pooles Rock. This miss-understood grape was always the winemakers baby and highly anticipated drop by Australian sommeliers and wine industry folk each year.

The problem was the general public were like, what? huh?! Semillon? You mean the stuff they put in sauvignon blanc? It just didn’t seem to grab commercially then, and even now, especially when compared to the uber trendy pinot gris and pinot grigio you see on every wine list.

Regardless, the truth of the matter is Hunter Valley Semillon is an amazingly dry, crisp, refreshing grape variety that packs a punch of lemon, lime and sherbet fizz. What is even more interesting is when grown in the Hunter it is one of the only white grape varieties in the world that ages like a red wine, turning into a honeyed, bronzed, full bodied wine over time that isn’t oaky like a chardonnay but instead has a toasty richness balanced with the acidity that is so predominant in younger Hunter Semillon. What you end up with is a wine that is still easy to drink but also stands up beautifully against dishes such as fish poached in creamy coconut sauce with fresh chilli (that acid still being there to put out any fire in your mouth).

So, if you don’t believe me or your intrigued to give it a try, I highly recommend the 2015 vintage of estate grown Hunter Valley Semillon by Margan, a family owned establishment known not only for their highly acclaimed restaurant but also the consistent and passionate approach to winemaking by Andrew Margan himself.

2015 Margan Semillon (Estate Grown & Made) Hunter Valley, NSW. RRP $18-20

Crisp as a green apple. This wine is mouth watering dry, with plenty of acid and mineral notes its a palate cleanser and pleaser all in one. Its got that end of the working day, ahhhh and that out with the girls (or boys) yay! Try it if you like dry, crisp white wine, I promise you will not be disappointed.






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  1. Lozzie says:

    It’s 8am and I’m craving a wine already! Sem-e-on party once bubs is out ok? Love reading your blogs xoxo


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