Exercising on Holidays?! Wait, Hear Me Out!

I know, I know! The idea of exercising on holidays is a massive turn off to most. I am aware of this as I often get an eye roll or a look of utter disbelief when I bring it up. It is after all a time when you are suppose to relax, sleep in, indulge and unwind. Trust me, I get it. Just here me out………

You see what I hate and believe is potentially even worse than annoying exercise advocates like me is a HOLIDAY HANGOVER, and by that I mean finishing up an amazingly fun and indulgent holiday with that “UGHHH I feel so grossss, I need a salad- I need to detox!”feeling. Not to mention how awful it is when you go back to the gym and it feels like you need an oxygen mask and any fitness level you had is now back at square one. Been there right?

Now by no means am I saying remove the drinking and eating part of your holiday. I am also an advocate for fun, and by that I mean a “lets start at lunchtime” approach that continues well into the evening. What I am saying however is that by allocating just one hour a day to sweat out the booze from the night before can refresh you in a way that makes that first drink go down even better, giving you the energy you need to do it all again! Essentially, exercise is the best hangover cure.

And its really not that hard to incorporate. There are no time constraints, you don’t have to be at work. You can simply sleep in, wake up, smash a hydrolyte and coffee then hit the hotel gym, jump on a cross trainer, bike or treadmill (even switch between all three) and just suck it up for a minimum of 30 mins. And your done, big breakfast calling your name!

If the gym is not your thing or you don’t have access to one, do between 10- 20 laps in the pool, go for an hour brisk walk (brisk enough to lift your heart rate please folks), or even use a towel on the hotel room floor to do three sets of 25 x push ups, 25 x squat jumps and 25 x burpees. Listen it kinda sucks at the time but its over before you know it, leaving you with something to feel good about for the rest of day. I personally think a sense of achievement amongst all the relaxation sets an even more positive outlook on your holiday, leaving you totally at peace with Long-Island sipping and beach sluggin for the rest of the day 😉

Lastly, as mentioned I am all for food indulgence on holidays too – I basically workout to eat as a life rule! However a few sneaky tips I believe help keep holiday tub under control include;

  • Skip the bread every 2nd breakfast (Um eggs, avo, bacon, haloumi? still awesome!).
  • Opt for a massive salad every 2nd lunch (ask for extra chicken, avo- whatever makes you happy).
  • Eat the burger but not the fries (or vice versa).
  • Airport food! If you can’t resist Mc Donalds breaky, try a sausage and double egg mc muffin with the top muffin lid removed – guaranteed to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Go for one scoop of ice-cream, not two.
  • Ask for a Mojito less the sugar and Bloody Mary’s, Espresso Martinis and Pim’s with soda and fresh muddled fruit are a great lower calorie option too.

I promise that these little sacrifices amongst all the fun will make ALL the difference. Leaving you to finish up a week of holiday indulgence with no hangover, fully capable of staring reality and routine right in the face! The only difference being the relaxed holiday buzz and glowing skin that you went away for in the first place.

Safe travels,

Jess x

P.s If you are still reading, here are some pics from a recent trip to Bali that cover my exercise routine (we stayed in 3 different hotels/locations across 8 nights so I had to get creative).

  1. The first two nights the hotel didn’t have a gym, so I asked my amazing F45 trainer (thanks Benny) for some tips and ended up doing a circuit in my room. 3 x rounds of 40 x butterfly kicks, 30 x burpees, 30 x squat jumps and 30 x pushups. I kinda scared the shit out of my husband who said I sounded like a baby elephant but hey I was feeling proud and sweaty at the end!


2. When I did have access to a gym I got pretty excited by the equipment, most of which I recognised from F45. My session involved 30 min fast run on treadmill, followed by 30 mins of circuit, including weights, squats, lunges and finishing with plank or sit-ups. On the days I was a tad more hungover I did 20 mins treadmill and 20 mins circuit.

IMG_04743. Our last destination had an amazing running track around the island that ended with the stairs of death (however the view was an excellent distraction).This workout equated to a 5k run with 3 x sets of stairs, finishing with a dip in the most perfect of oceans! I think I will miss that the most.


IMG_0621Lastly, this is me on the final day of our trip enjoying my very last cocktail and feeling good considering a fun and indulgent 8 days!







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  1. Georgette says:

    Great read! I’m planning on staying fit and healthy on my honeymoon too after all the hard work I’m doing now to look great in the dress. Some worthwhile tips in here!


    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks Georgette! I agree that keeping your wedding day bod is a great way to keep yourself feeling great long-term, after all the occasion is for a lifetime!


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