Shop in your OWN Wardrobe

Like many of us, a new year comes around and has you thinking about all the things you want to achieve, change, conquer and control.

I am not usually one for serious new year resolutions, however I have had an addiction to  frequent clothes shopping 14 + years now and with online forums such as Instagram and ASOS it’s only gotten worse.

I have things in my wardrobe I have never worn, worn once, got online but don’t really love, all mixed in with things I have had for years that will no doubt come back around. Basically, I need to stop wanting what I don’t have and appreciate what I do!

Therefore, my plan over the holiday period was to take control, get my head around what I have and go for a shop in my own wardrobe.

This started with the big clean out and giveaway, then organising and categorising things by colour and style for easy reference. Pretty standard, we all do this and then mess it all up again within the following months and end up back at the start!

So I had a further think about a way I could more officially take note and inspire myself surrounding the items currently in my wardrobe. Really, I needed something visual I could pick up when feeling weak for another “got to have” beckoning me to purchase. This is when I decided to create a look-book, meaning a self created collection of the styles and trends that I love and ALREADY OWN.

So I went to the art shop and picked up a portfolio and sat down one afternoon with a glass (or two) of wine and went through all the fashion magazines I had kept because I loved the cover too much to throw away. I cut out each look I knew I could re-create and found that not only was it pretty fun if you love looking at magazines, it was also super therapeutic and relaxing, like those good old days in school when you had not a care in the world besides your scissors and glue.

It is still a work in progress but it really solidified that classics such as vintage lace, bow neck collars, culottes, great blazers, overalls, mesh and anything sports-luxe will never bore me, still suits me and are on hand and ready to go.

I can now say that it is mid Jan and I have managed to not buy a single new thing. Mind you I still see things I want on Instagram, but then I ask myself……

  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I have something already like it?
  • Are there things in my look-book which are even better?

By doing this I am trying to teach myself to only buy things that truly add value to my exisiting range, making sure my current wardrobe comes first.

Below are some images of the look-book in progress, you will see I grouped styles by season making note of the items I have which referenced that look. You will also see a few favourite wardrobe finds I wore first up, plus some general inspiration from Instagram and my go to Carrie-B for looks I plan to wear whether or not they come back around….(Going against or even getting in before the trends is often most gratifying!)

  • Afternoon craft session. These were all the images I cut out which I thought I could re-create with something from my wardrobe. Also found some great recipes and hair and makeup looks so I grabbed those too.


  • Look-Book

Summer-Looks. These images reminded me of things I own and love such as; overalls with crops, long boho skirts with pumps, sleeveless white lace and cotton tanks, preppy shirts tied up with rolled sleeves, netted and mesh sports-luxe, boaters and head scarves….FUN!


Autumn-Looks. Love the lace up trend, that is one thing I want more of! Besides that, I realised I have one too many vests, coloured blazers, bow neck ties, shirt dresses and peplum cuts. I also love a good girly a-line skirt full of fabric, so much more feminine and flattering when you have an athletic build. My favourite of all the below is the blue blazer with a black crop – navy and royal blue probably being my all time favourite colours to wear and the ultimate combo with a bright pink lip.


  • Favourite Wardrobe Finds

This ASOS detachable pearl collar is 6 + years old and the grey dress is a hand me down from my mum, SO versatile. The shoes however I got in the Boxing Day sales, simply couldn’t resist bright orange cow-hide!

dress and shoes

Remembered these pink and navy mens braces I picked up in Byron a few years back,  love them to death!

bracesI got this original NY Yankees jersey more than a year ago and had never even worn it. Love, love, love.

NY yank

I know peplum is out at the moment but why should that stop me? My mum always said leopard is forever a classic, it sometimes feels overtly sexy in a slightly awkward way. But thought, whatever! the way it sits on is too beautiful not to wear.


How good is this black velvet bow? A friend tagged me on Instagram with this image, you could so easily make it with a trip to spotlight. On the to-do list.


Carrie-B is my forever muse. She takes risks and rocks it with a ‘who cares what people think’ attitude. Pulls off the coolest stuff. Nothing beats a good waist coat, neck-tie, studded belt or crop.


Finishing up – fashion is one of my greatest hobbies, it is my outlet to have fun, be creative and express myself every single day. I guess I just needed to stop for a minute and consider the fact that doesn’t make it OK for me to spend and not save, or become too materialistic and obsessive. In life you should never neglect the things you already have just because they are not shiny and new! So go for a shop in your own wardrobe, I bet you find something amazing.

Love Jess x


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