BAKED Sausages

I discovered a new method to cooking sausages that got me pretty excited. No longer do I need to worry about burnt on the outside and not cooked in the middle, nor fuss about with constant turning in a pan.

You see BAKING sausages is the new way forward.

Not only can you literally throw them in a hot oven and walk away, but the result is golden caramelised, puffed up and evenly cooked sausages (yes!).

Most important rule is the better quality the sausages the better the result. Thick gourmet ones from the supermarket or quality butcher-made will do the trick, I personally prefer organic chicken or pork as its a little less rich and greasy but beef and lamb work too.

Obviously sausages are pretty versatile, but to keep things somewhat healthy I slice them up and serve with rocket salad and american mustard. Did you know mustard has hardly any sugar or fat? You can go hard on mustard people (but always check the back label).

In the picture below we have organic chicken sausages with boiled egg, red capsicum and rocket (dressed with lemon and olive oil) and american mustard on the side. Pork sausages (as per blog feature) contain more fat so puff up like crazy.

Baked Sausages Cooking Method

  • Preheat fan forced oven to 180 degrees for 15 mins (my oven gets super hot, if yours doesn’t go for 200).
  • Place sausages on foil or baking paper in roasting dish with space between them (you don’t need to oil spray or poke them, if they are good quality snags natural fat will come out just leave them be).
  • Pop sausages in hot oven- walk away (time 10 mins).
  • Come back, give them a turn (time another 10 mins).
  • Once they are golden and puffed up they are done (time may vary depending on oven type so just cook longer or less if required until puffy and golden).



Love Jess x



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