Glitter Roots & Metallic Lenses

It’s that time of year in Sydney where the warm weather and back-to-back festivities allow you to have a little extra fun with fashion.
Glitter roots are something my girlfriend and I recently experimented with, and besides the fact you will end up with glitter everywhere and on everyone for the rest of eternity, it was a fun way to spice up an outfit, looking quite spectacular in the sunshine and sparkling up the dance-floor later in the night. We just used gel and silver glitter from the art shop as first-timers. Next time I think we will try gold on a blonde base with some pastel pink & purple!


Metallic blue and pink lenses are everywhere this summer, these blue lense “My Girl” sunnies from QUAYAUSTRALIA  are my current obsession and have suited every single friend of mine who has tried them on. They are also really comfortable and the lense is clear and crisp to look through. Highly recommend you check out the Quay brand, as affordable and edgy as sunglasses come.

Jess Qia


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  1. Natalie says:

    Love! Santa better bring me some of those sunnies 🙂


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