The $10 Wine that Blew my Mind

Having worked in the wine industry for the majority of my 20’s, one of the perks was getting to taste and learn about some of Australia’s most beautiful wines. One of the most consistent things I found was that anyone that worked with wine, had a serious preference for Riesling, a grape variety miss-understood as being sweet (from a style made back in the 80’s) and over-shadowed by the Sauvignon Blanc obsession.

In reality, good Aussie Riesling today is dry, lean, crisp and offers a softness and complexity that makes it not only perfect for food but also friendly enough for the easy-to-drink tipple. The Clare Valley SA and Mount Barker WA are regions both known for producing some of Australia’s best Rieslings, so when I noticed that Aldi had their own Mount Barker version for only $10 a bottle, I didn’t hesitate.

This wine seriously blew me away, at half the price of what I would usually pay for boutique/smaller vineyard Riesling, this wine stands right up. Lime and orange peel characters drive the fruit and the acid is as sharp and clean as they come. The perfect palate cleanser, this wine made me so excited!

So stock up for Christmas and impress friends and family at a fraction of the price. On-point looking label too.


Love Jess x


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