Breakfast Day and Night

Breakfast foods are my absolute favourite so I often cook them outside of morning hours. My approach is always packed full of good fat, low in complex carbs and high in protein, offering a great way to watch your weight, enjoy your food and keep you full.

Now in order to make a breakfast dish a little more exciting than your average bacon and eggs, a few little twists can help keep things interesting whilst adding a bunch of colour and variety to your plate.


Eggs can be cooked in SO many different ways, they are the one food item I could honestly not live without. Packed full of nutrition (vitamins B12,B2,A & B5) and a key contributor to weight control (for me personally), I eat them frequently so I mix up the way I prepare them to keep things fresh.

  • Eggs 2 Ways. Why have eggs just one way? I often boil and scramble to offer variety and celebrate how versatile they are (it also looks super cute on the plate, pic below).
  • Ricotta Scrambled. Ricotta cheese thrown in with scrambled eggs creates an entirely different texture, making them fluffy yet dense and keeping you fuller longer.
  • Leftovers Omelette. Get the leftovers out of your fridge, rough chop and cook in butter and olive oil before throwing in your scrambled egg. Recently I did this with a leftover pork sausage, torn basil and vintage cheese.
  • Boiled Eggs. I get that boiled eggs can be a little creepy at first, but the reality is they are a convenience super-food and a way to have natural protein on hand and ready to go.
  • Egg White Extender. If you want a flat tummy, my go to is an egg white omelette for dinner with one yolk and total of 4 eggs. Chuck in some spinach and a little feta for seasoning and you will be full and feel slim the next day.
  • Poaching at Home. Don’t be scared to poach eggs at home. Just get boiling salted water and reduce to a firm simmer, crack an egg into a cup then pour into water slowly and leave for 3 mins, even if it is not the shape you see at a cafe it will still taste the same if you time it right, you just need a soft hand and slotted spoon to get it out (drip off the excess water for 30 secs sitting in the spoon).


Sides are key to making breakfast exciting and even sometimes fancy. There are so many healthy options too.

  • Avocado- The ultimate in natural luxury, I eat one every single day. Slice and serve with lemon and salt, mash onto hi-fibre crispbread (my bread replacement) or even dice up and mix through your scrambled eggs.
  • Falafel- High in protein and not too high in carbs, you can pick these bad boys up from the cold section of the supermarket and literally heat under the grill (awesome for bulking up salads too).
  • Salsa Not only is it low in sugar, fat and carbs, salsa is packed with flavor and if you are into spice pick up a high-heat version. High-quality deli dip brands do some great ones (cold section of the fridge).
  • Red Fruits- I don’t think eating a big bowl of high-sugar fruits like orange and pineapple is necessarily healthy unless you are balancing it out with frequent exercise. Red fruits however are generally lower in sugar and putting a few strawberries or some watermelon on the breakfast plate offers colour and cleans the palate. My favourite breakfast combo is grilled haloumi and watermelon.
  • Cheese – There are some things I refuse to not enjoy in life and cheese is one of them. Feta is my go-to and offers a saltiness that brings out the flavour of eggs and avocado. If you are conscious of cheese opt for good quality parmesan and freshly shave it, a little goes a long way.

So next time you are at lunch, skip the bread and opt for an omelette, green salad and glass of crisp white wine. You will be surprised of how luxurious it can be.

Dinner: Eggs 2 Ways with Avocado, Bacon, Falafel & White WineFullSizeRender[15]

Lunch: Pork-Burger Patty w Avocado, Bacon, Salsa and Salted TomatoesBreakfast low carb



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